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By Peter 28 Jun, 2017

At Long Island Limousine Service (LIALS), we are known for our clean, reliable shuttle service to and from area airports. We offer hourly shuttle service from over 40 stops all over Long Island. We also offer private car and limousine service to area airports, including John F Kennedy, LaGuardia, Newark and even Long Island MacArthur airports. And while we are proud of our airport line run, we offer so much more, including luxury car service, private limousine service, and even amazing party bus service.

If you are planning a milestone birthday party, a bachelor or bachelorette party or even just a big night out with friends, there are many advantages to hiring a party bus from LIALS. At LIALS, we allow you to party in style without having to deal with the stressors of travelling by car in New York or even picking a designated driver. LIALS can take your party to the next level.

But what are the benefits of using a party bus for your next big event?

One: No DUIs

Seriously, this may be the biggest benefit of all. Nobody has to be the designated driver, and let's face it--nobody particularly enjoys this roll. More importantly, you and your friends will all be safe. Nobody is at risk for a DUI or even more serious consequences. You'll have one of our friendly drivers to rely on, allowing everyone in your party to have a fun night on the town, clubbing, bar hopping or whatever else it is that you like to do.

Two: Everyone Is Invited!

Our party busses seat up to 40 passengers. This means you don't have to limit your guest list to the number that can be packed into a limo. And while limousine service can be a wonderful experience, when you are hosting a blow-out party, you want to invite the whole group, and you know you'll have much more fun if you're all together in one of our fabulous party busses.

Three: Relax and Enjoy

We all know that travelling by car in New York can be stressful. There's the traffic; there's having to worry about directions and addresses. With a party bus driven by one of our professional and courteous drivers, you and your friends can sit back, relax, party as you go, and enjoy the night. All you have to do is show up and tell him where you want to go, and our driver will do the rest.

Four: Value

Hiring a party bus for your big night out is actually a good value. First, our party busses offer many amenities, so the party never stops, even when you are en route to a location. There's no down time—it's a non-stop party even while you are travelling. This means that you can get the most out of every second of your night out on the town. Your time is at a premium, and part of the value comes in that you can make the most of it.

But our amazing, up-to-date party busses are a financial value as well. When you consider that we can transport up to 40 people and you split the cost between those 40, you are actually paying very little for travelling in New York.

No matter how you look at it, if you are planning the party of a lifetime, you definitely need a party bus. At LIALS, we can help you plan the party you've always dreamed of. Call us today or simply chat with one of our knowledgeable online reservation specialists. We want you to party on and party safely. You can have all that with a party bus rental from LIALS.

By Peter 28 Jun, 2017

Some people love traveling. And while some do not love it, they have to travel at least occasionally. However, even if you love it, there is no doubt that traveling can be stressful. There's the planning and the packing and the rushing to the airport, hoping you'll make it in plenty of time. While we at Long Island Limousine Service (LIALS) cannot help with the packing or even the planning of the trip once you fly out, we can reduce the stress of getting to the airport and can help plan that part of your trip for you.

What Is It That Makes the Airport So Stressful?

Many people find simply having to deal with the airport, whether its JFK, LaGuardia, Newark or even Long Island MacArthur to be an overwhelmingly stressful experience. This is probably why there are so many bars in airports!

But what is it about the airport experience that makes it so stressful? On the one hand, nobody enjoys going through security. Although it always seems to work out just fine in the end, standing in line, taking off your shoes, laying all your belongings on a conveyer belt to be x-rayed—it all just adds up.

And then, there's the stress of having to worry about being on time. While most airlines recommend you arrive an hour before your domestic flight is supposed to take off, there are so many variables, such as traffic and parking, that could delay you. This is especially true at larger airports such as LaGuardia (LGA), John F. Kennedy International (JFK), and Newark Liberty International (EWR). But it doesn't have to be this way.

How to Make Your Airport Trip Less Stressful

One simple way to make your trip to and from the airport less stressful, no matter where else your travels may take you, is to simply use a clean, reputable airport shuttle, private car service, or even a private minibus or limousine, if you want to travel in luxury.

At LIALS, we offer hourly shuttle service, 365 days a year to LGA, JFK and EWR from over 40 different Long Island depots. This means that there's sure to be a stop relatively near your home.

Since our airport shuttle service runs every day, every hour even, we know the best routes to get you where you need to be on time. All you need to do is give us a quick phone call or chat with one of our online reservation specialists, and we can tell you which stop is most convenient for you and what time you should be there in order to make it to the airport in plenty of time. This can greatly reduce the stress you may associate with travel.

In addition, to our hourly airport shuttle service, we also offer private car service if you'd prefer a door-to-door experience. Let us give you a car ride to and even from the airport. You won't have to fight traffic or experience the stress and expense of finding a parking space. Rather, we will pick you up at your front door and offer you a luxurious, stress-free experience.

We can't help you with packing or planning other aspects of your travels, but at LIALS, we can reduce your travel-related stress by getting you to the airport easily. Traveling should not be more stressful than necessary. Let us reduce some of your stress so that you can relax and enjoy your travels.

By Peter 28 Apr, 2017

 Let LIALS Tours manage your airport run for you, when you use our fantastic shuttle service.

What Make's Airport Travel a Challenge?

Are you tired of the stress of planning travel to and from the airport, either JFK, La Guardia or Newark? When you drive yourself or have a friend drop you, you have to worry about traffic, timing, finding the right terminal, parking and the list of stressors goes on. It's enough to make you not want to bother with travel.

What Can LIALS Do for You?

Getting to and from the airport doesn't have to be a challenge. At LIALS Tours, we have the experience and know-how to plan your airport run for you, using our exclusive scheduled line run service. Do you prefer door-to-door service? At LIALS, that's no problem. Choose our semi-private service, which runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Finally, we offer exclusive private car service. Choose from Lincoln Town Cars, stretch limousines or 14-passenger vans. Whatever your preference, LIALS has a transportation option for you.

If you choose our scheduled line airport run service, you can expect a professional driver behind the wheel of a clean vehicle. Your luggage will be handled for you. Call us or chat with an online agent if you need advice about what time to leave. Our shuttles leave from over 40 different Long Island locations every hour. Just choose the location most convenient for you, and let us make your trip to the airport as smooth as possible. We will drop you at your terminal in plenty of time for your flight. Return shuttle service leaves the airport—JFK, La Guardia and Newark—every hour on the half hour, so you won't have a long wait when you return home.

What Cities Does LIALS Serve?

Our regularly scheduled airport service leaves a variety of locations along the Long Island Expressway, the 25A and the Sunrise Highway as well as the cities of Merrick, Freeport, Lynbrook and Valley Stream. No matter where you are located in Long Island, there is a stop to serve you.

Call LIALS Tours today for more information. Our knowledgeable and professional agents can answer any questions you have and assist you in planning your trip to the airport. If you prefer, you can book online or chat online with one of our agents. Airport travel doesn't have to be stressful. Let us make your next trip to the airport a good one.

By Peter 29 Mar, 2017

Navigating the streets of New York City can be one of life's challenges. The traffic can be slow and congested, and parking can be difficult. Whether you are traveling around Manhattan, to the outer boroughs, or to one of the area airports, driving the streets of NYC can cause stress, ultimately detracting from what should be a positive experience. Don't let this be you. Call Long Island Limousine Service for all your shuttle service needs.

Driving to the airport can be even worse that driving around the city. Airport travel is stressful anyway: the lines, the security. Long-term parking is overpriced, and you have to worry about your car being vandalized or even stolen. Having to worry about slow traffic that could cause you to miss your flight is enough to make you not want to travel. It can feel like the stress just isn't worth it. But we are here for you. At Long Island Limousine Service, we offer an airport shuttle service making your transportation to the airport smooth and stress-free.

Whether you are flying out of JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark, an airport shuttle service is the solution you've been looking for. At Long Island Limousine Service, we offer a fleet of full-sized busses, party busses and limousines to suit all your needs. This means that whether you are traveling alone, with your family or with a large group, we can accommodate you.

Our regular airport shuttle departs from over forty different Long Island depots ever hour. We can take you from any of these depots to JFK, LAG or Newark. You'll arrive on time, with your baggage and avoid the stress of driving yourself and having to park your car. The same fleet of shuttles departs from the airports every hour on the half hour, so you know you'll have a reliable ride back home after you land. Please call us at 631-234-8400 or visit our   web site   to book a reservation.

If sharing a shuttle isn't your style, we offer private car service to the airport or anywhere else you need to go. Ride in style in one of our luxury sedans or SUVs. Our limousine service is also perfect for weddings or a special night on the town. Let us be your designated driver and deal with the hassle of travel in and around Long Island and the greater NYC area.

If you are planning a party with friends, maybe a bachelor or bachelorette party, our party busses are for you. They seat 14 to 40 passengers and offer the luxury synonymous with Long Island Limousine Service.

We even have full-sized busses to transport a sports team to an event or for corporate groups. Whatever your car service needs, let Long Island Limousine Service take you where you need to go.

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